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Plus, additional fraternal benefits like newborn child and orphan benefit programs, accelerated death benefits - all with membership in NCSF.

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Additional Fraternal Benefits
Newborn Child Benefit Program
Newborn Child Benefit Program
A benefit to NCSF families guarantees insurability regardless of child's health. The newborn child benefit is twofold. First, it provides a death benefit of $1,000 should the child die from the seventh through 120th day after birth. Second, the benefit guarantees issuance of a $5,000 permanent-plan certificate at standard rates (excluding term insurance) regardless of the child's health.

Eligibility:  An eligible National Catholic Society of Foresters family is defined as a husband and wife, at least one of whom has been an insured member of the NCSF for six months or more before the birth of the child.

Orphan Benefit Program
Orphan Benefit Program
At NCSF we care about the children of today because they are the hope of tomorrow. We understand the financial difficulties of raising a child. But when both parents are deceased, the effort to raise a child into adulthood becomes much more complex. That is why NCSF offers an Orphan Benefit to provide financial assistance for children of qualified NCSF members. Contact the Home Office for details: 800-344-6273.

Accelerated Death Benefits
Accelerated Death Benefits
Your NCSF certificate can help you and your family in a new way. Immediate cash to help terminally ill people find peace of mind. If you have been diagnosed as terminally ill, you may receive advance payment -- now -- of as much as half the death benefit provided for in your certificate.

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