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In the symphony of life, there is one certain outcome – and while you never know when it will occur, you can now take certain steps to assure the costs associated with this life event will be taken care of when it does.

Our broad portfolio of products can cater to your financial needs throughout all stages of life.


Serenity Solutions Prelude is a collection sharing the multiple tempos and quick changes we see played in your younger years and features the light sounds of Level Premium Term, Start Smart, and Single Premium Whole Life.

10-, 20- and 30-Year Level Term Life Insurance

Level premium term is kind to the budget... and kinder to your family, providing the most protection for your premium dollar. This product guarantees that the premium will not increase during the full 10-, 20- or 30-year term.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance (SPWL)

An ideal plan to give to children, grandchildren, or a charity of your choice … Single Premium Whole Life Insurance has all the benefits of a whole life insurance certificate with one single premium! Provide a child with lifetime insurance protection which has an increasing cash value.


Serenity Solutions Interlude is where the capricious sounds of youth are gradually replaced with the deepening tones of family responsibility and retirement planning. Here we find great use of the Limited Pay to 100 and 20 Payment plans.

Limited Pay to 100 Life Insurance

Whole life insurance from National Catholic Society of Foresters is insurance protection throughout one's lifetime. As long as the certificate holder pays their premiums, the certificate will remain in force – regardless of any changes in health or life situations that may occur. Whole life certificates develop a cash value over time. The longer the certificate is maintained the greater the cash value. Many whole life certificates have provisions to borrow a portion of the accumulated cash value.

10- and 20-Pay Life Insurance

10-Pay and 20-Pay Whole Life Insurance is similar to traditional whole life with one important difference. Rather than requiring continual premium payments to grow cash value and maintain the certificate in force, the 10-Pay life certificate is fully paid after 10 years of premium payments and the 20-Pay life certificate is fully paid after 20 years of premium payments – neither requires an additional premium. Cash values will continue to grow after your premium is paid and the death benefit of the certificate will remain the same.


Serenity Solutions Finale series of movements which reflect the great wisdom which comes with age as well as the recognition that the end is no longer such a distant place.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance (SPWL)

All the benefits of a whole life insurance certificate with one single premium! The guaranteed cash value will increase over time and the death benefit will remain the same.

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